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Told you about myself, so you un­der­stand who you pay your money to ☺︎

Masterclass on memory improvement at the Educational and Scientific Center “Institute of Biology and Medicine”
Masterclass on memory improvement at the Educational and Scientific Center “Institute of Biology and Medicine” 2014, Kyiv (Ukraine)

Who I am

Bogdan Rudenko is the founder and memory trainer of the Memory Development Center
Bogdan Rudenko is the founder and trainer of the Memory Development Center, Ph.D. in Philosophy of Science. For the past 17 years teaches mnemo­nics: helps people memorize information.
Since 2005, he taught individually: he developed methods and looked for an approach to people of different psycho­types. Since 2012, he teaches groups and trains companies to help more people.

I teach

I teach people to memorize word for word, letter for letter, number for number at a rate of 200 characters in 10 minutes: the precision and speed are like regular note-taking, only you write right into your brain. Then you determine the length of time the information is stored in your head and you move through memory as you would through computer files.

mnemonic device, or memory device, is any learning technique that aids information retention or retrieval (remembering) in the human memory for better understanding

Bogdan Rudenko teaches how to memorize abstract information
We memorize units of information, numbers are just an example. A unit of information can be a number, a word, a phrase, or an entire paragraph


Since childhood, I have been interested in methods of intellectual development.

I studied at the Gymnasium of Oriental Languages in Kyiv, the only place in Ukraine where Chinese was taught. Back then it was a boarding school. In Soviet times, that was the name given to “closed educational institutions for the in-depth study of particular disciplines with students staying around the clock.”

We were fully supported, but our parents still gave us pocket money. In 1991 I used the money saved to buy one of the first books on speed-reading in the USSR — Andreev and Khromov’s textbook “Learn to Read Quickly.”

I was 11 years old and wanted to spend the money on ice cream and soda. But the desire to read faster and understand more deeply was stronger. Then I mastered mnemonics and it always helped me out later on.

From childhood, Bogdan was interested in methods of intellectual development
There were no computers or printers then, so we drew by hand. In 30 years everything has turned yellow, but I cherish these sheets


In 2001 I graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and for 10 years I headed the legal departments of companies.

Mnemonics helped me stand out from the rest, for whom “the lawyer is not the one who remembers the law, but the one who knows where to look it up.”

In courts, representatives of the other side first write their claim or objection and then read it out at the hearing.

Judges sometimes have fun:

  • Are you saying I can’t read?!
  • No, Your Honor, of course not!
  • Then why are you reading to me what I’ve already read? Or are you telling me I haven’t prepared for the hearing?

After such a psychological attack you usually break down. Judges don’t do this out of spite. They think they are tempering young lawyers. But it is shameful to say that for 20 years they have been reciting the same text about the rights and obligations of the parties. Although this paragraph can be memorized in 5 minutes.

In courts, I operated with sums, dates, terms of contracts, and article numbers without any paperwork. This greatly increased my credibility.

The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two. It is often in­ter­pre­ted to argue that the num­ber of ob­jects an average human can hold in short-term memory is 7����± 2. This has occasionally been referred to as Miller’s law

When I was young, I used to fool around. When my company was an investor in important negotiations, I assessed the risks. The other party would come in with a team of lawyers. They were all wearing ties and carrying briefcases, diligently writing down every word.

And then I walk in empty-handed: no pen, no notebook. The other side relaxes. They see the head of the legal department, who was invited for appearance. Difficult negotiations and he only listens. They can sell anything they want.

But at the end, I took the floor: “In paragraph 12, you said so-and-so. And in paragraph 47 — so-and-so. It contradicts paragraph 32, where you said this and that. Besides, it’s not clear how it agrees with this and that in paragraph 28.”

And so methodically continued with each statement. After that, their faces and attitudes changed. They no longer wanted to sell.

Philosophy of Science

In 2010, I went to the postgraduate program at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

I had a department of theoretical and practical philosophy. There worked the best specialists in gnoseology and epistemology, metaphysics and ontology, hermeneutics and phenomenology, philosophical anthropology, social philosophy, structuralism, and philosophical theories of communication.

These are new fields for me, I am a lawyer by education. And the postgraduate students were philosophers. Before that, they were full-time students in the Faculty of Philosophy: 4 years of undergraduate and 2 years of graduate school. Their theses were almost finished dissertations.

Without mnemonics I would have been lost for sure: I would not have passed my entrance exams and Ph.D. exams, and I would not have been able to participate in department meetings and scientific discussions. And I certainly would not have defended my dissertation on the philosophy of science.

Bogdan Rudenko defends his dissertation
At the defense of his dissertation at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. 2014
The main secret is not to stand out too much. If you strut around the classroom and recite by heart, the academics will consider it impertinence and punish the insolent. So take your papers and stand behind the pulpit. But when you speak, look the members of the Academic Council in the eye, watch the reaction of the audience, and address them by name if you answer questions. You can do that because the material is in your head.
Your superpower is a combination of ordinary and extraordinary abilities. On the face of it, you’re just like everyone else. But you burn with what you love so much that you don’t even stare at a piece of paper.

Memory Masterclasses

I’ve been teaching mnemonics for a long time.

Already in 2005, I was teaching individually: I developed methods and looked for an approach to people of different psychotypes.

Since 2012 I’ve been teaching groups and training companies to help more people.

One of the first master classes on improving memory
Masterclass on memory improvement in Kyiv (Ukraine). 2012
One of the first masterclasses. Back then there were no hipster cafes, creative spaces, co-working spaces, and other beauties. We rented the assembly halls of Soviet institutions. But it was in the center of the city and convenient for people to get to.
Masterclass on improving memory in Kyiv (Ukraine)
Masterclass on memory improvement in Kyiv (Ukraine). 2013
Finally a modern interior, projectors, and sound system for professional performances.
Masterclass on improving memory in Kyiv (Ukraine)
Masterclass on memory improvement in Kyiv (Ukraine). 2013
It’s nice that people came after work to listen to me. They could have been relaxing at home in front of the TV.
Masterclass on improving memory in Kyiv (Ukraine)
Masterclass on memory improvement in Kyiv (Ukraine). 2013
Nice hall in an old house on Podol (Kyiv district), but small for my masterclasses. People were even standing on the balcony back then. Recently passed by and on this place, I saw a store. It’s good, at least there are still photos.
Masterclass on improving memory in Kyiv (Ukraine)
Masterclass on memory improvement in Kyiv (Ukraine). 2014
All in all not bad. It’s a pity the hall is narrow and long. Even with a microphone, I could not hear well.
Masterclass on improving memory in Donetsk (Ukraine)
Masterclass on memory improvement in Donetsk (Ukraine). 2014
On the day I arrived, they started shooting. Although there was no military action yet, ordinary people were no longer interested in improving memory as in peacetime. In a good way, it should have been canceled. But my clients were not ordinary people — they had already bought tickets and wanted to participate.
Masterclass on improving memory in Dnipro (Ukraine)
Masterclass on memory improvement in Dnipro (Ukraine). 2014
First time in Dnipro. At that time it was still Dnepropetrovsk. Hall of spiritual development and other esoterics. It went well, the incense sticks did not interfere.
Masterclass on improving memory in Lviv (Ukraine)
Masterclass on memory improvement in Lviv (Ukraine). 2014
Very positive people. The people in Lviv greeted me very warmly.
Masterclass on improving memory in Kharkiv (Ukraine)
Masterclass on memory improvement in Kharkiv (Ukraine). 2014
The hostess decorated the room herself and it turned out very cozy.
Masterclass on improving memory in Odesa (Ukraine)
Masterclass on memory improvement in Odesa (Ukraine). 2014
I liked the place. It’s in the alley between Derybasivska and Hrets’ka. When I showed my kids around Odesa in 2018, there was already a caterer there. You can’t have it any other way in a gastronomic center.
Masterclass on improving memory in Kyiv (Ukraine)
Masterclass on memory improvement in Kyiv (Ukraine). 2014
Again in the same place, because it was conveniently located. But in this hall, I was dead after 3 hours of performance. I didn’t immediately understand why that was. And then I noticed that there were no windows in the hall. They had somehow cleverly disguised the basement. They made window masks and you couldn’t tell right away. Air conditioning and good light are no substitute for real windows, it’s psychologically difficult without them.
Masterclass on improving memory in Zaporizhzhia (Ukraine)
Masterclass on memory improvement in Zaporizhzhia (Ukraine). 2014
Almost didn’t see the city, I should come again.
Masterclass on improving memory in Kyiv (Ukraine)
Masterclass on memory improvement in Kyiv (Ukraine). 2014
It’s okay to work there at the laptop. But it’s not very good for performances.
Masterclass on improving memory in Cherkasy (Ukraine)
Masterclass on memory improvement in Cherkasy (Ukraine). 2014
It’s summer, everyone’s at the river and barbecues. But that doesn’t stop us.
Masterclass on improving memory in Dnipro (Ukraine)
Masterclass on memory improvement in Dnipro (Ukraine). 2014
Dnepropetrovsk again. This time representatives of local schools of memory improvement came to see a visiting guest. I don’t mind, let them copy.

Phenomenal Memory

So that people would not get tired at the masterclasses, I sometimes showed “phenomenal memory wonders.”

It was only later that SuperhumanThe Brain, and other theatrical productions appeared on TV.

I had to perform live, in unfamiliar places, sometimes in front of an unfriendly audience. You can’t cheat there, you can’t re-record, you can’t get your people involved.

Phenomenal memory in Lviv, part. 1
Phenomenal memory. 2014, Lviv (Ukraine)
In Lviv, we laid out several dozen identical coins. The heads and tails of one coin were no different from the heads and tails of the other coin.
Phenomenal memory in Lviv, part. 2
Phenomenal memory. 2014, Lviv (Ukraine)
People flip coins to get a random sequence. That way I’m sure I won’t remember in advance. I’m at the other end of the hall, so as not to be reproached for peeping.
Phenomenal memory in Lviv, part. 3
Phenomenal memory. 2014, Lviv (Ukraine)
I walk up and memorize the sequence.
Phenomenal memory in Lviv, part. 4
Phenomenal memory. 2014, Lviv (Ukraine)
I’ve seen people on the Internet trying to do something like this. But their “coins” were either drawn on cardboard, the size of a saucer. Or different denominations, diameters, and years of issue. Then the coins stand out and it’s easy for the eye to cling to them.
And I had an acquaintance who worked in a bank and managed to buy the new coins right in the mint’s packaging. The coins are beautiful and look spectacular on a green tablecloth. But it makes it drastically more difficult: when everything is shiny and fused together, a lot of effort is spent on recognizing the coins themselves.
Phenomenal memory in Lviv, part. 5
Phenomenal memory. 2014, Lviv (Ukraine)
Then I step back and reconstruct the sequence from memory. I go in order from the first to the last coin. Then from the last to the first. I call by even and odd order numbers. I can go line by line or column by column.
Phenomenal memory in Lviv, part. 6
Phenomenal memory. 2014, Lviv (Ukraine)
People are screaming:
  • The fifth coin in the ninth column!
  • Tails.
  • And what is the coin at the intersection of the fourth row and the seventh column?
  • Tails again.
  • The sixth in the bottom row, if you count from right to left?
  • Heads.
Phenomenal memory in Lviv, part. 7
Phenomenal memory. 2014, Lviv (Ukraine)
For a real show, it is important not to call the coins quickly. People then have time to follow the coins on the table and there is even more exciting.

In Kharkiv, I called a girl from the hall to assist me. And then I turned to the wall.

The girl took turns giving the floor to the audience. The person calls the order number, under which I have to memo­rize. And then says information as complicated as he can come up with: hard to pronounce words in his native or foreign language, rows of numbers, and his name at the end. Then the next person, until the audience is exhausted.

Phenomenal memory in Kharkiv, part. 1
Phenomenal memory. 2014, Kharkiv (Ukraine)
A freeze-frame from the video, so it’s a little blurry.
Phenomenal memory in Kharkiv, part. 2
Phenomenal memory. 2014, Kharkiv (Ukraine)
I am asked:
  • What was number eighteen?
  • Quintessence, simulacrum, six hundred and twenty-seven thousand eight hundred and thirty-two, Vladimir.
  • And what did Snezhana say?
  • Eyjafjallajöküdl, rhytidectomy, nine hundred and forty-three thousand five hundred and seventy-two. It was number seven.
  • Cazuar?
  • It was number fourteen. Cazuar fish. There’s also apologetics and five hundred and thirty-one thousand seven hundred and forty-six. Valera said.
Phenomenal memory in Kharkiv, part. 3
Phenomenal memory. 2014, Kharkiv (Ukraine)
Sincere emotion. Not like on TV: first the audience applauds for half an hour on camera, then it is cut up and inserted in the right places during editing. In life, it’s more honest: if you screw up, they throw rotten tomatoes at you; if you do well, people rejoice and come to the training.

Memory training

And these are already closed training in universities and corporations. Companies rarely allow photography, but sometimes it is possible to make a good report.

Corporate memory training in EDC
Corporate memory training in “Eurasia Drilling Company Group.” 2013
Largest drilling company, listed on the London Stock Exchange. Working with TNK-BP, Shell, Dragon Oil, PETRONAS. I taught the guys from the Planning, Reporting, and Consolidated Accounting Department. Usually, the bosses force the employees to participate in corporate training. But here the employees found me on their own, went to the management, and got permission to organize memory training.
Corporate memory training at Colgate-Palmolive
Corporate memory training in “Colgate-Palmolive.” 2014, Kyiv (Ukraine)
A 13-billion-dollar transcontinental company. It owns Colgate, Palmolive, Mennen, Lady Speed Stick, Softsoap, Protex, Sorriso, Kolynos, Ajax, Axion, Soupline, Suavitel, and Fab brands. Hill’s pet food is also theirs. Not much to tell, just bragging ☺︎
Corporate memory training in Cherkasy
Corporate memory training in “IN DAN.” 2014, Cherkasy (Ukraine)
At the time it seemed that I had everything from accounting firms to beauty salons and restaurants. I ask about the specifics of the business to make up a training program:
  • What does your holding company do? What do you trade-in and what services do you provide?
  • We sell a wide range of goods. We also produce furniture. And... coffins.
Turned out to be a leader in the ritual market. They produce elite prod­ucts — “Bentley” for those who have passed away. Stars, politicians, and other famous people are buried in their coffins.
Masterclass on improving memory at the Institute of Biology
Masterclass on memory improvement at the Educational and Scientific Center “Institute of Biology and Medicine” 2014, Kyiv (Ukraine)
Winter, cold auditorium, shabby walls. The guys were freezing, but they listened to me. Now some of them work in the best research institutes in Europe and Asia. I know, because we are friends on Facebook.
See Vasyl Mykytiuk
Masterсlass on improving memory at the Diplomatic Academy
Masterclass “How to memorize foreign words” at the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 2014, Kyiv (Ukraine)
When I was invited by their Department of Foreign Languages, I had my doubts. Officials go to the academy for a specialized education. A master’s degree in foreign policy helps one move up the career ladder and gain the rank of a civil servant. Diplomats, attachés, and embassy staff speak foreign languages as if they were native speakers. What am I going to teach them? But they liked it so much that instead of the planned 1.5 hours they held me for 3 hours.
Masterclass on improving memory at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
Masterclass on memory improvement at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. 2015, Ukraine
My native university, a relaxed atmosphere. I turn away, they tell me, I memorize, then we check. When I memorized, I didn’t hesitate to sit on the table. It was normal then, but now I look at the photo and feel embarrassed.
Masterclass on improving memory at the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute
Masterclass on memory improvement at the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. 2015, Ukraine
The main technical university in the country, and I hadn’t been there before. Thanks to the masterclass, I’ve been there.
Memory training in Kiev
Memory training. 2014, Kyiv (Ukraine)
We didn’t take photos of the full two-day group training. We left video testimonials as a memento. This is a casual photo of me handing out certificates. The best proof of the acquired skill is a phenomenal memory after the training. But sometimes people ask for a certificate to hang on the wall.
Corporate memory training in EMC
Corporate memory training in “European metallurgical company.” 2019
I haven’t performed live for a long time. But an individual client of mine asked me to do a training for his company. His company has several branches, and people from different countries came to the training.

I usually had 20-30 people sitting in the auditorium during a training session. And I could manage them easily. If they asked for more, we added chairs. A little more or a little fewer people came, I didn’t notice any difference.

In 2015 I did an online training session. And I realized that I was not pulling more than 12 people. I could see every face, I could tell by the expression in their eyes what mistakes were made, and I corrected them immediately. The in­vol­ve­ment in the process is such that I need at least a week to recover.

And when I became convinced that people learn the skill faster in this format, I’ve been trying to teach only online ever since.

At a regular training session, you can sit in the back. Here you can’t sit in the back, I see everyone

Who I help

Different people need memory for different purposes. I help everyone:

Schoolchildren and students — upload textbooks in their heads, study without cramming and pass exams without cribs.

Foreign language learners — memorize 50-100 new foreign words in 1 hour and learn a phrasebook during a flight to another country.

Professionals — memorize a collection of official information in 1 evening and learn a new profession in 3 weeks.

Businessmen and executives — keep in mind the information about competitors and the history of relations with each client: names, birthdays, phone numbers, connections, habits, strengths, and weaknesses.

Speakers in public — do not forget the speech and the sequence of statements, speak without paper, and do not get lost in thought.

People in everyday life — write information down immediately in the brain. Do not forget things, schedules, promises, requests, and errands. Remember the names and faces of dozens of people the first time. Maintain working memory until old age.

How I’m different

I make it so that people who have previously read memory books and taken memory courses can finally be able to memorize.

I help them stand out from those who use Google instead of memory. Give you the opportunity to memorize difficult things. I prove that the skill of phenomenal memory can be mastered by anyone.

I want as many people as possible to learn to use their memory and there will be fewer empty-headed consumers of information. To that end, I share free memory Advice and talk about memory for free in the Journal and on YouTube.

See Advice

See Channel

I cannot help those who are not ready to train and believe in “magic pills” for memory.

I do not look at the age, sex, or status of the client. I sacrifice decency for the sake of the result: I can easily tell an obscene joke at the training if it helps to explain the material clearly.






“Come to the training. I would be glad if I could be useful to you”

founder and memory trainer