Memory training:
how to memorize text

We will teach you how to memorize articles, journals, textbooks, books, lectures, laws, encyclopedias, and other complex texts

What is this?

This is an intensive online text memorization training.

mnemonic device, or memory device, is any learning technique that aids information retention or retrieval (remembering) in the human memory for better understanding

Who is the text memorization training for?

For those who have completed basic memory training and want to work in-depth with journals, articles, textbooks, books, lectures, laws, encyclopedias.

How to memorize text — basic concepts.

Memory trainer

Bogdan Rudenko is the founder and memory trainer of the Memory Development Center
Bogdan Rudenko is the founder and trainer of the Memory Development Center, Ph.D. in Philosophy of Science. For the past 17 years teaches mnemo­nics: helps people memorize information.
Since 2005, he taught individually: he developed methods and looked for an approach to people of different psycho­types. Since 2012, he teaches groups and trains companies to help more people. More about the trainer

Text memory training program

The first day (Saturday) — mastering the principles
and memorizing a simple text


Principles of memorizing text

  • three levels of text: information block, paragraph, facts;
  • two criteria for the quality of text memorization;
  • two approaches to the text: linear and nonlinear memorization;
  • four levels of memorization precision: involuntary memorization, main sections, paragraphs, facts;
  • three floors of the text pyramid: the text, the semantic anchor point, the image;
  • text collapsing and expanding;
  • memorization algorithm: from the paragraph to the information block;
  • practice: start with anecdotes — the simplest text, but a text that is nevertheless complete in meaning.
How to memorize text — the pyramid of text.
The text pyramid: we roll up the paragraphs into images and memorize them sequentially. Then we unroll the images into the original text


Text passages

  • how to memorize factual information and encyclopedic information;
  • practice: memorizing passages from scientific journals.
How to memorize text — facts from scientific journals.

Secrets of the mnemonist: the more exact facts in the text, the closer to the text he memorizes. The more difficult it is for others, the easier it is for him


Simple articles

  • how to memorize short articles with few facts;
  • practice: memorizing articles on history, literature, and art.
How to memorize text — simple articles.
At memory training sessions we often go to Britannica. There’s always something to memorize


Difficult articles

  • how to memorize long articles with lots of facts;
  • practice: memorizing Wikipedia articles.
How to memorize text — difficult articles.
The information in memory will be organized like links on Wikipedia.
A link in an article is an image in your mind. You imagine the image, and as a link, you go to another article in your head

The second day (Sunday) — memorizing a difficult text



  • how to upload textbooks in their entirety in your head, capturing the sequence of terminology, the hierarchy of concepts, and the table of contents;
  • practice: memorizing a textbook based on the sequence of terms and definitions;
  • practice: memorizing a textbook based on a hierarchy of concepts;
  • practice: memorizing a textbook based on the table of contents.
How to memorize text — textbooks.

Many people think that the most difficult textbooks are in chemistry, physics, and medicine. But it is much harder to memorize psychology, philosophy, and other sciences, where much goes beyond the sensory experience


Lectures and methodological literature

  • how to memorize lectures to perform without paper;
  • how to memorize methodological literature to put the information you read into practice;
  • practice: memorize verbatim Winston Churchill’s first speech as Prime Minister;
  • practice: memorizing Robert Cialdini’s “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.”
How to memorize text — lectures and methodological literature.

In “Polyglot” training, we memorize the same Churchill speech verbatim, but we check it against the audio and copy his intonation exactly as it was



  • how to memorize the main points of books;
  • practice: memorizing Jared Diamond’s “Guns, Germs, and Steel.”
How to memorize text — books.

Diamond’s book was named one of time’s a best non-fiction books of all time.
We don’t keep bad books in our memory training



  • how to memorize the wording, sequence, structure, and numbering of articles of law and regulations;
  • practice: memorizing Codes — this will be an example of memorizing voluminous collections of laws.
How to memorize text — laws.

At the training, we memorize the specific laws and regulations that participants ask for

2 days on the weekend

unlimited support in the Mastergroup
(pay once and then work with a trainer for life)


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“I’ll be glad to see you again”

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