Memory training: memorization techniques

Here we teach how to memorize information. It helps you learn better, cope with your work, and stand out from those who use Google instead of memory

One of the first master classes on improving memory
For years we did memory training offline. But then we became convinced that it was more effective online

About our memory training and memory courses

If the journal is the theory of memorization, here it is the practice. All training is led personally by Bogdan Rudenko, the founder, and trainer of the Memory Development Center.

People often come to us when they have already read too many books, watched too many YouTube videos, take courses in “eidetics,” “super memory” and “speed reading,” various “boost your brain” and “become a genius.” We make it so that people can finally memorize.

Our specialty is memorizing complex information in the study, work, and everyday life.

We are hardly useful if you are going to participate in memory championships, perform in a circus or talent show. Unfortunately, all of this bears little resemblance to real life and therefore diverges from the priorities of our center.

“The Secret Knowledge of the Ancient Greeks: How to Memorize Complex Information”

This is a free course of 5 video lessons and additional materials. If you go through all the lessons, you will learn about the limitations of natural memory and figure out why you can’t remember complex information without special memorization skills.

In this memory course, people are introduced to mnemonics and from the second lesson already do phenomenal things:

  • memorize any information in the correct sequence;
  • learn the secrets of memorizing textual information;
  • learn how to memorize foreign words correctly;
  • control the timing of storing information in the head;
  • move through memory as if it were computer files;
  • are instructed to further develop their memorization skills.

And also this course allows you to look at Bogdan before you buy a ticket to a full-length training. Of course, this is not a live communication at the training: a monologue in front of the camera always looks artificial. But it allows you to get a general idea of Bogdan’s way of teaching.

Basic memory training

There you will be taught how to memorize complex information.

The first day will build memory skills. You will build memorization skills and attention span.

This is when you memorize long sequences of different information: any words of a native or foreign language, abstract concepts, names, letter combinations, numbers, and others. When you recall information in forwarding and backward order, selectively, by a keyword or question, in alphabetical order, or by an ordinal number.

Not just improve memory, as others promise, but exactly at this phenomenal level of working with information.

Without the first day, it is useless to go any further. Before you can move on to memorizing real information, you have to basically learn how to memorize. You have to master the methods and techniques of memorization so that it becomes a skill.

On the second day, you will learn how to apply the mnemotechnical skill to memorizing real information. For everything around you in life that everyone needs to remember: schedules, dates, faces and names, birthdays, telephones, addresses, tabular data, terms and their definitions, factual information, and more.

Training on memorizing text

Specialized training where you will be taught to memorize articles, journals, textbooks, books, lectures, laws, encyclopedias, and other complex text.

For students, teachers, experts, executives, officials, scientists, and anyone who needs to keep a large volume of complex textual information in their head.

This is top-notch. After this training, you will be able to memorize entire books of any complexity. They tell you the page number—you give out everything on it. They say part of the text—you say the page number and the name of the paragraph.

But this is for those who have already completed basic training and want to work in-depth with a complex text.

Corporate memory training

The basic principles are the same. But each training is tailored to the needs and activities of a particular company or division.

Basic training teaches how to memorize universal information. At the corporate training—specifically that which is encountered in the work of this company.

Individual memory training

Here the trainer works with you one-on-one. It’s long, expensive, and not easy to get into: Bogdan physically cannot lead more than 3 clients at a time.


This is unlimited support for those who have taken our memory training. A closed professional “hangout” where we move forward together.

You buy a ticket to the training once, and then you can always study with Bogdan. There’s nowhere else like it.

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founder and memory trainer