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Here you can find out more about us and our trainer

Memory coach

Bogdan Rudenko told about himself.

Most likely you’re not interested in him, but in the results you’ll get with him. However, if you still want to know more about who will teach you, go there.

Testimonials and customer letters

On one page we have collected testimonials and acknowledgments about the memory training.

Most of the testimonials are complimentary. People leave them right after the training and so they are emotional.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t help you much. Better when the review corrects expectations: “Don’t go to the training if you expect to listen to a popular science lecture about memory... Keep in mind that you get very tired in training... Don’t plan important meetings after the training: Bogdan explains until everyone understands and therefore often breaks timing.”

But there are also critical testimonials. We hope they will help you form the right expectations and you will make an informed decision whether to study with us or not.


Here are pictures of the time when Bogdan Rudenko organized live masterclasses and training to improve memory.

This is for those who want to recognize themselves in photos, and again to immerse in the atmosphere of that time and drive.


Bogdan Rudenko is from a time when people read newspapers (not the Internet) and watched TV (not YouTube).

Here are a few pieces from those days. For an English-speaking audience, this will be incomprehensible. But apparently, Bogdan feels sorry for throwing away part of his life. And he came up with nothing better than to put his paper articles and TV episodes on the site.

“We just moved to the new design, not everything has been moved yet. Be patient, it’ll be here soon”

founder and memory trainer