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We want to share knowledge about mnemon­ics and mem­ory improve­ment. “Advice” is the main source of prac­ti­cal knowledge about mem­ory tech­niques


13 August 2017

Coding abstractions

How do you encode abs­tract con­cepts? Here’s an exam­ple: “Logic is the sci­ence of rules and forms of cor­rect con­struc­tion of thoughts. Think­ing is a medi­ated and gen­er­al­ized cog­ni­tion of real­ity.”

And I see that the def­i­ni­tions them­selves are beau­ti­ful and cor­rect. But none of the words are rep­re­sented mate­ri­ally, so they can­not be visu­al­ized.

Andrey Yakshin

11 July 2017

Long numbers

I prac­ticed encod­ing Pi and got to 100 dec­i­mal places. The guys at work raised an eye­brow ☺︎

Did it to train link­ing images to each other and the con­nec­tion speed. It’s easy for others to check me—Pi can eas­ily be found on the Inter­net. If I con­nect using domi­noes, the dif­fi­culty comes when the 2-digit num­bers are repeated sev­eral times, for exam­ple, 28. And then remem­ber every time how and over which 28 I played around ☺︎ Maybe a gar­land of 5-10 images to hang on sup­ports the way of Cicero? So all the same 28 are repeated. Here I do not under­s­tand.


9 July 2017

Memorizing everyday information

Often I need to mem­orize some every­day lit­tle things very quickly. Surely there must be some mnemo-life­hack, right? What’s the best way to remem­ber:

  • car license plates;
  • addresses;
  • telephones;
  • some­thing else like that.

Andrey Yakshin

6 July 2017

Memorizing people’s names

I want to remem­ber the names of my col­leagues—I have access to the cor­po­rate direc­tory with pho­tos. I have learned the images of the names. Am I con­nect­ing the images cor­rectly:

  • the per­son is hold­ing it in their hands;
  • I hang it around his neck;
  • I hang it on his ear;
  • I put it on his head.


1 July 2017

How do mem­orize poker ranges?

Hi all, my name is Oleg, I am a poker trainer, and I want to learn how to quickly mem­orize the new mate­rial, and struc­ture, and adapt it for stu­dents. There are two ques­tions...


26 June 2017

Man­ag­ing the reten­tion period of infor­ma­tion

  • which method to use to place infor­ma­tion for long/short-term stor­age?
  • should sep­arate loca­tions (routes) for the “flash drive” and the “hard drive” (I called the per­ma­nent stor­age loca­tion cor­rectly)?
  • infor­ma­tion stor­age and clean­ing?
  • at what inter­vals do I need to “inspect” pos­ses­sions, is there any tech­nol­ogy?
  • what to do when it is nec­es­sary to make cor­rec­tions or delete infor­ma­tion?


23 June 2017

Verbatim memorization

What are the best tools for mem­oriza­tion:

  • quotations;
  • poems;
  • poems in prose or other “beau­ti­ful” “not mean­ing­ful” text without facts.


23 June 2017

Levels in Cicero

  • what does this mean? Write images to sup­ports sec­ondary without eras­ing?
  • for the sec­ond level, it is also desir­able to do no more than 10 loca­tions?
  • dif­fer­ent lit­er­a­ture sep­arates the method of routes and the method of loca­tions, in our ter­mi­nol­ogy, it is “cicero”? I do not see any fun­da­men­tal dif­fer­ence.


18 June 2017

A simulator for image formation

Is there a “sim­u­la­tor” for the abil­ity to build images? So that it is sim­ple but infor­ma­tive.


17 June 2017


With what reg­u­lar­ity should I prac­tice image con­nect­ing tech­niques to achieve automa­tism?

Andrey Yakshin

17 June 2017

Adverb and adjective

In the image-mak­ing exer­cise, there were both adjec­tives (e.g., kind) and adverbs (e.g., impec­ca­bly) behind words denot­ing qual­i­ties of char­ac­ter. How do we dis­tin­guish between them when cod­ing and when retriev­ing?


15 April 2017

Tuning fork

Please tell me in what cases it is bet­ter not to use the “Tun­ing fork”? And the 2nd ques­tion, is it pos­si­ble to use “Domino” and “Rivet” simul­ta­neously?


24 February 2017

How do mem­orize world his­tory?

Can you give me some advice: I have to mem­orize world his­tory because I have exams in this sub­ject and I don’t have much time. I am not able to mem­orize so that I don’t for­get later. I do asso­ci­a­tions with num­bers, but it takes a long time. And it’s hard to remem­ber the names of cities. For exam­ple, when I mem­orized the Baby­lon theme I made Baby­lon a store, and the rulers were in that store. The laws of Ham­murabi were found in 1902. I did this: Ham­murabi is halva and he ate a boy who had a mug head (19-boy and 02-mug). And this was seen by archae­ol­o­gists. Am I doing this right? But it takes a long time.


20 February 2017

Rivet + Dominoes

Is it pos­si­ble to mix these two meth­ods? That is, cre­ate two large images, put riv­ets on them, and con­nect the images to each other with domi­noes?


18 February 2017

A daily training program

After completing the training, can you provide a specific program of activities to improve the skills that we will get during these 2 days? There is a lot of information and to consolidate it, we need to do additional training, so I would like to have a specific plan for each day within one week.


16 February 2017

Historical personalities

How to code his­tor­i­cal fig­ures and every­thing related to them. Take a per­son? But I think the brain on the 20th per­son will start to con­fuse the images. Or to take some object, put the image code of the name on it, and then all that is asso­ci­ated with it?


11 January 2017

Image Codes. I get con­fused when I attach other images to them

Mem­oriz­ing dates, a lot of dates. Years are made up of two two-digit num­bers. First I match the image to the value of the date. Then I rivet the image code of the first two-digit num­ber. Then to the first image code rivet the image code of the sec­ond two-digit num­ber. The prob­lem is that the dates 1300, 1301, 1302, etc. are very many, and when I clamp to the image code, there is con­fu­sion. And one more ques­tion: is it pos­si­ble to attach events or dates related to this num­ber to num­ber 15, or to the name “Vladimir” to attach sev­eral per­son­al­i­ties?


26 December 2016

Dominic O’Brien

He’s a man of leg­end, maybe some­one uses his meth­ods of mem­oriz­ing num­bers and cards as “per­son-attribute-action”?


14 December 2016

Cicero. I con­fuse the sequence of sup­port­ing images

Some­times I get con­fused in the sequence of images that I have out­lined for myself. I start from one in the cor­ri­dor, then from another. I mem­orize the images them­selves, but the sequence is a mess. How do I fix a spe­cific sequence of sup­port­ing objects in this case?


11 December 2016

Is it bet­ter to take famil­iar objects, or to make them up?

I have a ques­tion about mak­ing up images: is it bet­ter to take famil­iar objects that I have seen before, or can I use my recre­at­ing imag­i­na­tion? For exam­ple, it takes me much less time to come up with an image of a door than it does to remem­ber what my door looks like ☺︎

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