Signing up for text memorization training

We want the training to meet your expectations. To do this, we need to see if we can help

Participation procedure

  1. Fill out the application at the bottom of the page. Send it in if you’re sure you want to participate. This is not a social media event with “Interested” and “Going” buttons. When Bogdan approves an application and you don’t buy a ticket, the administrator then doesn’t know what to do with your application.
  2. Bogdan reviews each application personally within 1–2 days. If he can help — the administrator will write about it and send a link to pay for the training. If he can’t help, the administrator will also write.
  3. Your application and our response are sometimes lost on mail servers. If you haven’t heard back in 2 days, write to us.
  4. After payment, Bogdan will send instructions for connection. And will be waiting for you at the zoom on Saturday.

2 days on the weekend

unlimited support in the Mastergroup
(pay once and then work with a trainer for life)


in your local currency at the exchange rate of your bank

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