Sign­ing up for indi­vid­ual mem­ory coach­ing

We want memory coaching to meet your expectations. To do this, we need to see if we can help

Participation procedure

  1. Sign up using the form at the bot­tom of the page.
  2. We will send you a ques­tion­naire. Fill it out for Bog­dan to work with the ques­tion­naire, work with you to clar­ify the tasks, and make an indi­vid­ual pro­gram.
  3. Bog­dan reviews each ques­tion­naire per­son­ally for 1‑2 days. If he can help, the admin­is­tra­tor will write about it and coor­di­nate the orga­ni­za­tional issues. If he can’t help, the admin­is­tra­tor will also write.
  4. Your request and our answer are some­times lost on mail servers. If there is no answer after 2 days, write to us.

Sign up and we’ll send you a questionnaire: